Friday, November 12, 2021


I revised the book cover. I realize its kinda satanic looking with the enneagram floating over the Empire State Building but its so accurate to me. In my mind back then, the "Work" hovered over me and us in Manhattan, an invisible protector, a delicious secret, in the air, etc. Anyway, I hope you consider purchasing it. Available now.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Its OK

My memoir is about me. And my life. In a cult. But for a handful of leaders, I dont name names. I know some folks are worried. Don't. Please. Here is the author's note: "To disguise people’s identities, I have changed names, physical descriptions, and occupations. In some instances, other identifying traits (such as backgrounds) have been altered, and I have also created a handful of composite characters based on actual people and events. Finally, in a handful of instances, I have slightly distorted certain non-material surrounding events in order to disguise the identities of some people."

Saturday, September 25, 2021

What Is A Class Action?

The article in the Daily Mail (but not the one in The New York Post) about the lawsuit against Sharon's Estate and others neglected to point out this is a class action. A class action is a type of lawsuit which can be brought by one or more people who represent a class of other people who were also hurt by the same acts of the same defendants. They are commonly used in securities fraud cases or mass torts. So to be perfectly clear: if anyone else was a member of school and wants to be part of the class, they can potentially collect damages by joining the class by contacting the attorney for the plaintiffs. You would not need to be named in the lawsuit to be part of the class.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Class Action Lawsuit

Two former members of School filed a class action lawsuit this week against Sharon Gans's estate and others. The suit alleges that, "Through methods traditionally utilized by cults to groom, intimidate, weaken, gaslight, and exploit their victims, OSG coerced and tricked its members," into providing free labor to Gans and others. The suit seeks to recover for unpaid labor members were forced to do for Gans: recruiting, construction, cooking meals, and many other tasks. The suit also names Minerva Taylor, Ken Salaz, Lorraine Imlay, and Greg Koch. Since this a class action, the suit was filed on behalf of all other members who suffered similar damages for provding free labor to School and/or Gans. This would include current and former members of School. The attorney representing the plaintiffs is Mordy Yankowich.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Do You Need Help?

I receive almost weekly calls from former members. Strangers to me. Readers of this blog. Folks who were involved in "School" for a night, a week, month, a year, a decade, what have you. From decades ago. One thing in common: trauma. Doubts, thoughts, dreams, voices. Shame and embarassment. And I also know people who were involved in School who will bet everything they have they suffered no such thing -- that the Work Ideas were fine and that it wasnt so bad, etc. They will even say things such as "leave Alex and Sharon alone - they are dead." I will not argue or debate anyone on this because they can't be argued with. But I do know this: Alex and Sharon and Fred and Robert and Lorraine and the rest of them abused members. Period. That's right: abuse. Bullying. Punishing. Threats. Pressure. Intense. And worse. Criminals. So if you think it was all fine and dandy - good for you -- show your face and name and defend it. For the rest of us, what do you think? Do you need to speak to someone who is compassionate and empathetic and honorable?

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Slonim Woods 9

I have three things to say to those who doubt that School is a cult: Slonim Woods 9, Slonim Woods 9, Slonim Woods 9. If you have any question in your mind as to whether you (a former member of School) were in a cult or suffered a supremely trauamatic experience, read Slonim Woods 9. If you think for a moment that Sharon or Alex were "teachers," read [the book referenced above.]

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Listen to: Cults, Extremists, and Manipulation: Hear the latest thinking

This Tuesday, on August 10, 2021, at 6pm, there will be a show on the Clubhouse app with several moderators to talk about cults and extremists and manipulation. Im going to be on the call. Its like a conference call (audio only) and anyone can listen in and ask questions. Here's the description of the show: "We live in an era of disinformation and deep desire for community. Hear from insiders about how the desire for connection can form the basis of cults, pockets of extreme thinking, and manipulation on a scale that will astonish. What draws people into cults? How can you recognize a cult? Are cults and extreme thinking on the rise? How do people get into and sometimes out of cults. Hear inside the tent" Here's the link to listen in. You will need the Clubhouse app on your phone. If you cant make it live, the above link will archive the recording which you can listen to without the app.