Monday, September 20, 2021

Do You Need Help?

I receive almost weekly calls from former members. Strangers to me. Readers of this blog. Folks who were involved in "School" for a night, a week, month, a year, a decade, what have you. From decades ago. One thing in common: trauma. Doubts, thoughts, dreams, voices. Shame and embarassment. And I also know people who were involved in School who will bet everything they have they suffered no such thing -- that the Work Ideas were fine and that it wasnt so bad, etc. They will even say things such as "leave Alex and Sharon alone - they are dead." I will not argue or debate anyone on this because they can't be argued with. But I do know this: Alex and Sharon and Fred and Robert and Lorraine and the rest of them abused members. Period. That's right: abuse. Bullying. Punishing. Threats. Pressure. Intense. And worse. Criminals. So if you think it was all fine and dandy - good for you -- show your face and name and defend it. For the rest of us, what do you think? Do you need to speak to someone who is compassionate and empathetic and honorable?

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