Saturday, January 14, 2023

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire

The hallmark of the Ganscult is its intense secrecy. It's like the rules of Fight Club: 1st rule: you do not talk about Fight Club; 2nd rule: you do not talk about Fight Club. Members attend meetings for decades and tell nobody, not even spouses. In other words, they are compelled to lie. It's all justified under the four degrees of truth which the cult follows:

Stupid Insincerity:  Lying to cult leaders. 

Stupid Sincerity:  Truthfulness with outsiders.

Clever Insincerity: Lying to outsiders.

Clever Sincerity: Truthfulness with cult leaders.

Gurdjieff said that students who lie to leaders "destroy all possibility of any work." A student "must learn to be silent when he ought to be silent with people outside [the cult], who can neither understand nor appreciate it. But sincerity in the group is an absolute demand, because, if a man continues to lie in the group in the same way as he lies to himself and to others in life, he will never learn to distinguish the truth from a lie."

The Ganscult brainwashes people into lying to outsiders about all kinds of things which I will address in future posts. The main point is that members are so brainwashed and coerced into lying that they will lie about anything.

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  1. About the statement of Gurdjieff's -- it leaves out an important aspect, a rigid script where students are always ignorant and wrong, and leaders are always right. This lays the groundwork where students give up their adulthood. It also removes all the speed bumps that would stop a narcissistic leader, who wants to feel important and admired above all else. Stay away from anything that pressures you to be a child and to admire and depend on another adult for simple decisions. If you want another person's advice, fine, ask for it, but the relationship should be one of mutual respect and you should always make your own decisions without pressure.