Monday, June 14, 2021

Coming Soon to a Bookstore and an Amazon Near You

Today I signed a publishing contract with one of the most dynamic independent book publishers around; a great home for this story. The book about the 23 years I spent in Sharon's cult should be out next summer. The book is basically done but it takes time for these things to get edited, designed, printed, indexed, and put through spell check. (Readers of this blog know that I can neither spell nor right complete sentences.) Many thanks to those of you-who-know-who-you-are for helping me and supporting me on this project. Im tickled that I somehow managed to make this shit experience into something quite good. Also, please be advised that it makes no difference to me that Sharon will not be able to read it. I didnt write this for her or her pathetic lackeys. Its for every victim still in her cult, for survivors of her cult, and for victims and survivors of other cults. This is now a #metoo moment for victims and survivors.

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