Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Sharon's Estate is Public Record

Sharon’s will is now public record, on file in the NYS Surrogates’ Court in lower Manhattan. As a public service, we are reporting on some of the highlights and will soon upload the file. Sharon had created a revocable trust in 2015 which held the following assets to be distributed upon her death: furniture, clothes, jewelry, books, cash and her interest in a company called OSG, LLC. OSG is the legal entity for her cult. The value of this trust is not disclosed. In addition, Sharon had a will and listed assets totaling $3,275,000: over a million dollars in annuities, $2 million in an undisclosed LLC, $25,000 in cash, and $50,000 in stocks. Sharon had a provision in her Trust (and a similar one in her Will) which is called “Omission of Children.” In it she said that she “intentionally excluded” her son and his children and her daughter (but not her daughter's children) from receiving anything “for reasons that are known” to them. She also said that she “has deep regret that [her daughter] . . . betrayed her so terribly, and followed in [Sharon's son’s] footsteps.” Sharon was vindictive in life and in death. Sharon was also fickle in life and in death. She could love someone one day and banish them the next, as the following reveals: In June 2016, she was going to leave her jewelry and clothing to Judy Fowler, Mary Terry, Leslie Okladeck, Una McGillicudy and Lianne McNally. But in September 2019, Leslie was cut out and replaced by Rana Glickman. (Mary passed away) In June 2016, she was going to leave her carpets, paintings, and books to Greg Koch, Graves Kiley and Lorraine Imlay. But in June 2019, Graves was out. In June 2016, she was going to leave her ownership in the cult to Chris McNally, Judy Fowler, Greg Koch, and anyone else chosen by Robert Klein. In June 2019, Chris, Judy, and Robert were out, but Minerva Taylor, Lorraine Imlay, and Kenneth Salaz were in.


  1. I am surprised Greg Koch made the cut. I remember him being brutally set upon by Alex Horn and the older students one nights in the 80's when I was a member. Greg was in tears and I felt sorry for him.

    Witnessing this behavior by Alex and others is one of the main reasons I left the group 6 months after I joined. There was a lot of abuse starting to happen and I'm glad I left when I did.

  2. Hello Mr. Rocker, Fascinating. I didn't join until 1989 and by then Alex was no longer around. I would like to hear more about Alex if you dont mind speaking with me: Confidential. Spencer