Thursday, December 3, 2020

Poor Mikey G

Poor Mikey G (not his real name). 

A sweet and kind man. He was  member of the cult for many years, but he recently surfaced on YouTube peddling his own COVID-19 hoax conspiracy theory in which (you'll like this) he is likening people who follow the science and wear masks to folks who are stuck in the darkness of Plato's Cave. (Sound familiar?) Hopefully YouTube will take this dangerous misinformation down, but I wanted to highlight it here. If you did watch it you might suffer flashbacks to being in "class." Mikey G uses much of the same terminology ("work terms") used in class and makes outrageously false claims, apparently to commercialize his services as some kind of health healer. (Sound familiar?) What's scarier is that he has a lot of followers who praise him for being brave and bucking conventional wisdom. My point here is not that I believe that poor Mikey G is possibly non copos mentis but he has no shame sharing this with the world and trying to profit by it. And for this I have no pity nor tolerance. Keep your mental illness to yourself - otherwise you are a sociopath. We have enough of this. And for this reason I am calling you out Mikey G. 

There are a couple of other folks out there who have started their own off-shoots of the cult. I dont want to name them because although they cause harm to others for their own profit, they aren't bothering me. Mikey G on the other hand has been sending me his kooky videos. When I told him to stop texting me because I thought his ideas (dont get tested, dont quarantine and dont wear a mask) are dangerous he told me, "Nothing is more Dangerous than the end of America and our Constitution  !!! Ask a Venezuelan who are eating their house pets to stay alive ! Nothing is more Dangerous than . . . microchips in everyone’s body."

Poor Mikey G.

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  1. Comment from anonymous:

    People are getting accustomed to having information they disagree with and consider dangerous censored. I watched Robert's minions take down flyers that they disagreed with. Better, I think, to have people develop discernment, read the studies for themselves, read the science, look at the claims, figures, numbers; learn the hallmarks of propaganda so that it no longer has an effect on them. Learn to identify what is true journalism and what is opinion. Develop your own internal BS detector/mental immune system.

    Big Tech/Big Pharma is more than happy to have us rely on them to police what we say and think. When there are people you are not allowed to criticize, when there are things you are not permitted to say, opinions you are not allowed to hold... well, we've been down that dark road before. In the 1920s, Rudolf Steiner predicted there would come a day where people would no longer be able to ask questions-- not even so much that society would forbid it; but they would no longer even know how. When I discovered the truth about the cult, I agreed to go back one more time to try and warn the others. The two women who told me about the cult (XYZ was one of them) said I should go back and ask a lot of questions, because once people are in the cult for a little while, they stop asking them. So that's what I did. After I left, I also tried to pass out letters that asked questions (without implicating XYZ) to get people to think for themselves, but no one would take them from me. Likely they had been told by Robert I was passing out "dangerous misinformation." I'm not sure how many people are still in the cult from those days. Eventually XYZ left, but it took her several more years, and many thousands of dollars....

    A few recommendations:
    Slanted, by Sharyl Attkisson
    Toxic Sludge is Good for You, Stauber/Rampton
    Overtreated, by Shannon Brownlee

    My motto: Fear No Question
    (and, a corollary: Think for Yourself, While you Still Can!)

    All best,