Saturday, April 6, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Talented Ken Salaz

Ken Salaz has so many talents.
A magician, a mentalist, a professional pickpocket, a painter, an author.
Ken was even able to recently trick a co-host of the WPIX morning show into inviting him appear on the show.  Ken is also very adept at promoting his talents.

But Ken has another talent which he doesn't have a website for.  So let me help him here. Ken spends at least two nights a week, every week, at a loft building in the Garment Center giving lectures to about 3 dozen middle aged tired, traumatized, and bored men and women who believe they are members of an esoteric school of hidden knowledge. They also view Ken as their "teacher." Ken has a talent in lecturing about such things as self-remembering, negative emotions and other "ideas" of the 4th Way. On top of that he is talented in helping his acolytes with their personal problems, dispensing advice on their jobs, relationships, family, children, sex lives, everything. His speciality is convincing his students that all the problems in their lives are their own fault. Some people would call this gaslighting. Anyway, its all just another trick performed by a professional trickster. What would be truly magic would be for his students to escape.

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