Sunday, June 12, 2016

Bob Klein

Another person to avoid at all costs is douche bag Bob Klein. He comes off like a real charming fellow. But he is sneaky, nasty, and deeply involved in the Gans empire. He has a mean streak: He once confided in me that if he ever saw a particular former member he would punch his lights out. He is sneaky, he really is: Sharon once ridiculed him as being furtive and wondered whether he had been a criminal in a prior life. Last time I saw Bob, he looked even worse than this.


  1. I always thought "Bob" was a nice person who was entangled by his mistress, Madam Jabba. When I left I heard a story from someone who had been closely involved with the group in SF when very young. This person said when S and Alex bought the big house in SF, a trick was played on S'sdaughter when moving and as a practical joke, the furniture was put upside down in her room. The prank was pulled by a teenage boy close to S and Alex. When the teenager, who was under 15, and Bob were in the old place moving things, Bob said to him, "I have something for you from Sharon" and punched him in the face. And then Bob said " and this is from me" and punched the boy again. Your comment about Bob's wish to punch someone in the face if he sees him lets us know that Bob has not evolved since 1975, at least. Punching people in the face is not how evolved people cope. It's not how mature people cope. It is how unstable people, nazis, and immature adolescents who have never been taught how to communicate and control emotions cope. Which, "Bob", are you?

    1. One component that kept me in the cult for five years was that I believed in Bob's sincerity. In those moments of cognitive dissonance, the many moments I contemplated leaving before I actually did leave, I'd consider him. That was true up until my very last conversation with Bob, in which I was telling him that I had to leave,I suddenly saw him as a puppet master; pulling the right strings ... but they weren't working. When one tactic didn't work, he quickly shifted to another. When the attack on my husband didn't glean the desired result, he tried on the compassionate approach. For the first time in five years, I clearly saw him trying to con me and failing. That recognition made quite the impression on me and over time I was kind of stunned to realize that Robert is always putting on a convincing act. The more deeply I had fallen into the cult coma, the more I had trusted and believed in him. I know it's disorienting, but if you're "breaking rules" and reading this blog, good for you. You've held on to some self preservation and that part of you knows that your "evolved" leader could give a fuck about you, personally. He'd hate to lose your money, admiration and free labor. But otherwise you and your "essence friends" are cogs in the wheel.