Thursday, September 15, 2022

Why Does the Cult Still Operate? Its the Money, Stupid

There is no better evidence of Sharon's thoughts than what she expressed in her last will and testament. For one, it's in writing. Two, it's final. Three, it's consistent with what we all know -- i.e., Sharon considered School to be her business. After all, she charged and made a lot, and she had no other source of income or employment. 

Let me explain: the cult operates under a limited liability company (LLC) called OSG LLC. An LLC  is similar to a partnership. In her will, she left her ownership in OSG LLC to Minerva Taylor, Greg Koch, Lorraine Imlay, and Ken Salaz.  Her will then specifies her "strong hope and desire" that the new cult leaders will "allow the business to continue to operate successfully." 

As her best lackeys, I expect the new leaders to fulfill dying Sharon's wishes.

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