Sunday, August 28, 2022

Are You Being Recruited for A Cult? BEWARE

The Sharon Gans Cult is going strong, still in operation, and actively recruiting. They are using the same old fraudulent playbook as they used to trick me and thousands of others. It's all very innocent looking. A stranger meets you at a coffee shop, a library, Central Park, a book-store, the subway, a grocery store . . . literally any public place in the New York City and Boston areas. These people appear friendly, kind, and, other than asking for your phone number to meet you again, will present nothing remotely culty or weird. They will show interest in you and perhaps talk about something as dull as the weather or maybe even a little heavier -- the meaning of life. They will then suggest getting together. Most of the recruiters are old people -- sixty and above. You may be met by Minerva, Tim, Una, Frank Butler, Ken, Greg, Nancy Rich, John Rich, Joseph Travers, Lauren Travers or others. Do not be fooled. This cult is extremely dangerous. The tactics they use are deceptive and many hundreds of lives have been ruined by Sharon Gans and Alex Horn leaving trauma and misery. If they invite you to "study," you will be led to believe that they are a place to study "ideas" which can help you to become conscious. Do not believe this crock of horse-shit. They will charge you $400 per month to attend bi-weekly meetings. Followers are first love-bombed, but then gaslighted and brainwashed and eventually exploited into doing free labor.

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