Friday, February 25, 2022

Pre-Ordering, A Blurb

Yes, you can pre-order Manhattan Cult Story on Amazon, but also from your independent book store. Two great independent stores supporting my book are Sag Harbor Books and BookHampton. You can also pre-order it at Word Bookstores in Brooklyn and NJ. My mission from Day 1 has been to reveal and expose this cult to the light of day and for everyone to see what went and goes on in this cult.

Another author on a mission is Shawna Kay Rodenberg, author of the amazing book Kin: A Memoir. Her mission has been to empower women and girls with her story of growing up in the South and in a religious cult. She was also the victim of sexual abuse by an elder in the cult. An honor to me, Shawna wrote a blurb for my book:

"Captivating and veracious, Schneider has written a book I’ve long been waiting for, a lionhearted, soul-searching tale that flips the script of cult memoir, revealing that no one is immune to the siren call of belonging, and that any feet, no matter how well-shod, can stumble down the slippery slope of radicalism.  Manhattan Cult Story is a book America desperately needs.”

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