Thursday, April 22, 2021


I receive many emails/calls from strangers who have loved ones stuck in School. They tell me that their loved ones cut ties with them, years ago, out of nowehere and for no apparent reason, and they are heartbroken, confused, mourning. For those of you who have survived/escaped, does this sound familiar? Were you in class when Sharon or Fred or Robert would spends months or years wearing members down to cut ties with the closest of friends or family or spouses? It always seemed like a good move (at the time) because Sharon gaslighted us all to beleive that the loved ones were too nosy, not loving enough, too cheap, too dumb, too loving, fill in the blank. As heartbreaking as this is, and how powerless I or anyone is to do anything about this tragedy, I do welcome these emails/calls from strangers and I will continue to honor requests for confidentiality.

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